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The SPRG was formed in 1987, with a core membership of fieldworkers from the triangle of Edinburgh, St Andrews and Stirling Universities, each about an hour's travelling time from the others, and now also including researchers at Aberdeen and Abertay Universities. Regular joint research meetings and seminars by national and international visitors are held and a network of associates swells attendance at these meetings. Field studies by core Group members are carried out at several sites in Africa, Asia and South America; studies of captive primates rely on well-housed breeding groups at Edinburgh Zoo, particularly the SPRG Living Links Research Centre, as well as major primate centres in France, Japan and U.S.A.

The focus of SPRG research is the natural behaviour, mentality and ecology of primates. Results are often of a kind that inform welfare and conservation policies, and members of the SPRG do not conduct invasive primate research.

A number of postgraduate opportunities are available within the Scottish Primate Research Group.


Drawings of SPRG primate subjects by Priscilla Barrett