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Research Staff and Students

Caroline Allen University of Stirling caroline.allen@stir.ac.uk
Human odour cues and communication.
Drew Altschul University of Edinburgh d.m.altschul@ed.ac.uk
Primate individual differences, physical health, and mental well-being.
Dr. Kate Arnold University of St Andrews ka11@st-andrews.ac.uk
Vocal communication in West African monkeys.
Dr. Hayley Ash University of Stirling hayley.ash@stir.ac.uk
Animal behaviour and welfare.
Yvonne Baur University of Stirling yvonne.baur@stir.ac.uk
Personality, positive emotions and gorilla welfare.
Jenny Botting University of St Andrews jlb53@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning and culture in human and non-human primates.
Charlotte Brand University of St Andrews cb246@st-andrews.ac.uk
Vocalisations of wild chimpanzees and sex differences in human behaviour.
Dr Hannah Cornish University of Stirling hannah.cornish@stir.ac.uk
Cultural transmission of language.
Camille Coye University of St Andrews cc242@st-andrews.ac.uk
Proto-language in two species of African non-human primates.
Lesley Craig University of Stirling lesleyelizabethcraig@stir.ac.uk
The role of emotion in shaping conservation attitudes.
Sophia Daoudi University of Stirling s.m.daoudi1@stir.ac.uk
Social networks and polyspecific associations in captive and wild primates.
Sarah Davis University of St Andrews sjd62@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning and potential for cumulative culture in chimpanzees.
Africa de las Heras University of St Andrews adlhm@st-andrews.ac.uk
Theory of mind abilities in great apes and human children.
Dr Lewis Dean University of St Andrews lgd1@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning and cumulative culture in monkeys, apes and children.
Dr Kris Descovich University of Stirling kristin.descovich@stir.ac.uk
The relationship between facial expression and welfare of captive primates.
Lea Johanna Dollbaum Heriot Watt University ld122@hw.ac.uk
The development of prosocial behaviour across species.
Sonja Ebel University of St Andrews sonja_ebel@eva.mpg.de
The role of prior experience in problem-solving in nonhuman great apes and human children
Cara Evans University of St Andrews cle2@st-andrews.ac.uk
Prosociality, social transmission, and cumulative culture in primates.
Brittany Fallon University of St Andrews bf23@st-andrews.ac.uk
Gestural communication as courtship in wild chimpanzees.
Kirsty Graham University of St Andrews keg4@st-andrews.ac.uk
Bonobo gestural communication.
Rachel Harrison University of St Andrews rh387@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning and cumulative culture in apes and children.
Sumir Keenan University of St Andrews sek2@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social fabric and vocal communication in bonobos.
Joshua Lemin University of Stirling joshua.lemin@stir.ac.uk
Relationship quality in Chimpanzees.
Amy Lewis University of St Andrews avml@st-andrews.ac.uk
Long-term memory in non-human primates/td>
Dr Mari McLeod University of Abertay mari.mcleod@gmail.com
Hormonal correlates of social behaviour in non-human primates.
Dr Emily Messer Herriot-Watt Univeristy E.Messer@hw.ac.uk
Social behaviour in primates.
Viktoria Mileva University of Stirling v.r.mileva@stir.ac.uk
Dominance in humans and non-humans
F Blake Morton University of Stirling morton.blake@gmail.com
Primate cognition, personality & socioecology.
Caroline Mullins University of St Andrews csm38@st-and.ac.uk
Communication during cooperative acts in wild chimpanzees.
Derek Murphy University of Aberdeen del.murphy@gmail.com
Ecological drivers of social network dynamics.
Suska Nolte University of St Andrews sn42@st-andrews.ac.uk
Targeted helping behaviour in chimpanzees, bonobos and human children
Eoin O' Sullivan University of Stirling eoin.osullivan@stir.ac.uk
Automatic imitation in capuchin monkeys
Maribel Recharte University of Stirling maribel_recharte@yahoo.com
Human odour cues and communication.
Elizabeth Renner University of Stirling elizabeth.renner@stir.ac.uk
Social learning and cumulative culture in humans and non-human primates.
Lauren Robinson University of Edinburgh L.Robinson@ed.ac.uk
Personality and animal welfare.
Ruoting Tao University of St Andrews rt33@st-andrews.ac.uk
Capuchin monkey and adult human's understanding of intentionality.
Barbora Siposova University of St Andrews bs74@st-andrews.ac.uk
Role of eye contact in children's cooperation.
Camille Troisi University if St Andrews cat5@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning in birds and primates.
Dr Gillian Vale University of St Andrews glv2@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning and potential for cumulative culture in chimpanzees.
Dr Edwin van Leeuwen University of St Andrews ejcvanleeuwen@gmail.com
Cultural transmission, cooperation and coordination in chimpanzees.
Stuart Watson University of St Andrews sw218@st-andrews.ac.uk
Transmission biases in human and non-human primate social learning.
Lizzie Webber University of Stirling Catherine.webber@stir.ac.uk
Elephant calf behavioural development.
Vanessa Wilson University of Edinburgh V.A.D.Wilson@ed.ac.uk
Individual differences, social behaviour and emotional perception in primates
Maria Wollnik University of Stirling a.m.wollnik@stir.ac.uk
Primate sexual selection, hormones and behaviour.
Dr Lara Wood University of St Andrews lanw@st-andrews.ac.uk
Social learning in monkeys, apes and children.
Rebecca Wyper University of Stirling rmw00002@students.stir.ac.uk
Crop raiding in primates


Drawings of SPRG primate subjects by Priscilla Barrett